Fig Tree Beach, La Ventana, Baja California Sur, Mexico or onsite at Ventena Bay Resort for Guests

La Ventana is a naturally geoengineered wind machine! Being located right next to the hot desert with the cooler Sea of Cortez stretching over 1000km to the north we are perfectly situated for great thermal winds. The Cacachilas Mountains and Isla Cerralvo create a venturi effect that funnels the wind into the bay. As the waters cool into the winter the thermal effect is amplified further as well as the semi-regular “Norte” frontal systems that bring big wind with even bigger waves. These days are not for the faint of heart but they offer a great experience for the advanced rider.

La Ventana was a tiny fishing village until it was discovered by windsurfers and kiteboarders in the 90s. It is now a top wind destination in North America with several pro riders bred in the bay. With both thermal and frontal patterns happening it is almost always windy. When the wind is not blowing there are plenty of activities to keep busy. Diving, fishing, mountain biking, hiking, and enjoying the great local food just to name a few.

La Ventana is only 2 hours from San Jose Del Cabo(SJD) with international flights daily.

Where to Stay in La Ventana:

Ventana Bay Resort 

One of La Ventana’s oldest hotels. This gorgeous property is located amongst the local flora with a semi-private wide-open kite beach out front.

Spectacular views with private bungalows with a restaurant and bar located onsite.

5 Stars on Trip Advisor

What to bring the beach in La Ventana:

For lessons: Wetsuit(we provide one if you don’t have your own), water bottle, picnic lunch, sunscreen, hat. We supply the rest of the kiteboarding/winging/foiling gear. This includes kites, bar & lines, board, life jacket, helmet, and harness.

How to read the weather in La Ventana:

La Ventana has a very complex weather system. Many factors are involved and the trend changes depending on the season,

The typical winds in La Ventana are a combination of thermal winds and frontal winds. The thermal winds happen at any time of the year but are more prominent in the spring and fall. Thermal winds tend to come from the east(5-15kn) and then veer to the northeast(10-20kn) as they get stronger. They are a result of the warm desert air rising and then drawing in the cooler sea air. Frontal winds are most common in the winter time though they also happen in the spring and fall. Frontal winds are caused by large scale synoptic pressure systems. The most common of these being “El Norte”.  When a high-pressure system passes north of the Sea of Cortez we get this pattern. These winds are generally much stronger(25-40+kn) and have some west component making them very gusty and not great for lessons. On the other hand, El Norte can bring waves up to 5m+ and are the conditions that expert kiteboarders dream about!

From November until April we generally get a combination of both patterns resulting in North winds in the 15-25kn range… perfect for learning and teaching!

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