FAQ about Strong Kiteboarding

The more you know, the faster you’ll progress.

Swimming is the only prerequisite. You do not have to have any athletic background to take lessons. All shapes, sizes, and ability levels welcome! Come learn with us.

No! Similar to skiing or snowboarding, you can pick your speed, equipment, and conditions to suit your ability level and interests. You can choose to ride at times when the wind is strong or at times when you need a slower-moving kite. We regularly teach kids as young as 14 up to adults in their 70’s. Our teaching technique is gradual and adaptive so you will learn at your own pace.

Winging is taking the world by storm. Only really practiced for the last 5 years it is quickly becoming the hot sport in La Ventana. Its similarity to windsurfing makes for easy crossover plus the smaller sail and lack of lines makes it much safer than kiting. A fit and athletic person can be doing very well in just a couple of days of lessons and then be ready to ride on their own.

Because you are harnessed in at your waist, you are not required to ‘hold on’ as if you were waterskiing or wakeboarding. There is not much strain on the body at all… for kiteboarders. Wingers will need arm strength during the learning process but can use a harness once they reach an intermediate level.

That is a very tough question. We like to do both ourselves but not everybody has time for that. Kiteboarding will let you jump higher, go faster, is less physically demanding, and easier to deal with big conditions. Winging is quicker to learn, has more flow and finesse, is better exercise, has more access spots, and has more crossover to other sports(windsurfing, SUPing) with less potential for mishaps. I typically ask people if they would rather spend a day riding powder or in the park at the ski hill. Powder for wingers and park for kiters(not a hard and fast rule but helps).

During lessons you will have a personal watercraft and highly trained instructor close and watching you at all times. We only teach with safe conditions when the wind is consistent and predictable. If your gear happened to break you have a rescue craft right next to you at all times. Also with the wind direction even if our watercraft dies we will still safely wash up at the bottom of the bay. Ventana is one of the safest locations to learn watersports worldwide.

The Vortex E-Foil is a great tool for learning to foil as well as being a lot of fun and a great no-wind activity. If you have never foiled before it is a great way to get a feel for everything while maintaining full control of your ride. A lot of fun to fly around the water and explore once you have gotten up on foil.

Tow foiling is another great tool for learning to foil. The advantage is you will be riding the same setup you would with a wing or a kite. We also offer advanced lessons to improve pumping or catching swells.

Yes, the initial investment is worth it. Taking lessons (not from your friend who kites) with a professionally trained instructor with a watercraft just for you is by far the fastest and safest way to learn. We strongly believe in individualized learning and with a private instructor, you are getting great value. The initial investment is worth it, once your an independent rider remember wind is free there is no lift ticket or gas required.

You can answer the following comparable questions to see how you feel about kiteboarding lessons. Would you buy a hang glider and jump off a cliff on your own? Would you learn to scuba dive on your own?

If you have a group that would like to learn we can dedicate one or more instructors to your group to split up the time as you please. We can also meet you onsite at your own location(if the wind is good there) if you prefer to learn close to home. Give us a call or a message and we can set up a custom package for you.