Kiteboarding Lessons in La Ventana, as well as Wing, E-foil and Tow Foil Lessons.

Come learn a new sport with us!

Offering the Best Kiteboarding Lessons in La Ventana!

Kiting, Winging, Efoiling, and Tow Foiling!

We started off with just Kiteboarding but now we have a whole variety of lessons available. If kiteboarding looks like a bit too much for you then maybe Winging might suit you better. If it is not windy and you still want some board time we can get you out with the Efoil or tow foiling. We can get you out having fun and learning no matter what the conditions are!

All welcome!

All ages, sizes, and abilities are welcome! You do not need to be in great shape or have any previous experience with any sports. We teach you 1-on-1 to help you progress independently at your pace to whatever level you wish to reach.

All Prices are in USD and do not include 16% IVA

Single Hour –$150

1-day Watercraft Assisted Private Lesson (3 hrs Kite or Wing)-$435

First-day lessons start with ground training in the morning to learn about safety, the gear, and how it operates amongst other things. A single-day lesson is good if you have previous experience or want a teaser of what the sport is all about. It takes multiple days of lessons to learn to kiteboard but a single day gets you a good idea of what you can expect.

2-day Watercraft Assisted Private Lesson (6 hrs Kite or Wing)-$850

After your first day on the water you have a bit more of an idea about what is going on so we dive deeper into the weather, kite/wing theory & gear, and safety (see below for more details). After day 1 all of your lessons will be water-based. From there, we tailor the 1-on-1 lessons to your learning style and ability. By the end of the 2 days you will be confident in flying your kite and some will be up on the board or even riding at this point!

MOST POPULAR!! 3-day Watercraft Assisted Private Lesson(9 hrs Kite or Wing)-$1200
This is the best value and most recommended way to learn. 

After completing  2 days of lessons you can either choose to do your 3rd day either consecutively or at a separate time(though it is recommended to do consecutive whenever possible for continuity). This option helps you stay committed, build confidence, and lock down what you’ve already learned. At the end of these three days you will be well on your way to becoming an independent rider. Keep in mind the vast majority of kiteboarders and wingers take a minimum of three days of lessons so expect more practice time even after your course.

Efoil Lessons-$250 per hour

No wind, No problem!

Great for people who have no previous experience. Anybody can learn to ride an efoil! Most users are up and riding in 2 hours or less!

The Vortex Efoil system lets us change the board based on the rider’s size and experience level. We offer boards ranging from 40 liters all the way up to 175 liters.

A great way to tour around and explore the area!

$200 for full battery rental (Instructor approval needed before rental)

Better rates for repeat users.

Tow Foil Lessons-$150 per hour

Whether you are looking to learn to foil(wing or Kite), you want to get better at pumping, you want to get towed into waves or there is just no wind we have the right gear and can help you out!

Gear Rental

We offer full Kite and Wing rentals to experienced users staying at Ventana Bay Resort. Renters must be consistently upwind, independent, and capable of self-rescue IKO level 3K

Type Price (In USD)
Kite Setup $130
Kite+Bar $80
Kite Foil Board $80
Twin Tip/Surfboard $30
Wetsuit/Helmet/Jacket/Harness $15
Wing $50
Wingboard with foil $120

We offer top-quality gear from Ocean Rodeo, Armstrong, Konrad, and F-One.


Group Lesson
If you have a group of 4 or more who want to learn then contact us directly and can go over a personalized plan for you and your group.

Advanced Lessons-$150 per hour
Want to try foiling?

Trying to get your turns and transitions?

Want more hang time?

Trouble riding strapless?

Looking to stomp that big kiteloop?

How does your wing 360 look?

We offer hourly lessons for a custom-catered experience with one of our expert instructors in whichever discipline you wish.