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Planning the Epic Downwinder in La Ventana

Down Winder in La Ventana

Kiteboarding in La Ventana Mexico

Kiteboarding in La Ventana is an experience etched in your memory! Over 5 years ago, I stood on an enigmatic beach with soft warm sand, witnessing a colorful spectacle of kites dancing above the horizon. With white-capped waves and a warm breeze, I felt like I had discovered heaven, a stark contrast to the icy waters and rocky shores of Squamish B.C. No watercraft rescues here – just a massive 20-kilometer beach ready to land my kite.

Fast forward to 2024, and things have not changed much – sure there is a lot more building going on in this amazingly popular destination but the grand expanse remains the same, there is LOADS of room to kite – only now, we have wingers to share the space with. There are also some wind enthusiasts enjoying the surf with a paddle board!

In today’s post, I want to share with you some tips I have picked up along the way when planning an epic Down-winder. One of my favorite activities in La Ventana Mexico!

The Epic Down Winderdownwinders

If you’re planning a kiteboarding, winging, or e-foiling holiday, La Ventana in Baja California Del Sur is a MUST-visit vacation spot! For me, the allure lies in the epic down-winders. Call up a friend, coordinate a dual-car mission to southern beach spots like Playa Central, Baja Joes, South Beach, or Chilo-chill. Load your gear, drive north to launch from spots like La Fig Tree, La Tuna, Rasta, or the Hot Springs beach, and experience a 1 to 2-hour amazing journey downwind. It’s an epic experience that transcends the ordinary.

Planning a Down Winder

Down-winders are straightforward – drop one car at a southern beach, drive and launch from a northern beach, and enjoy an amazing ride back. Tips will enhance your downwind experience.

What to Bring

There are certain things you need in the southern car and others to pack in the northern car – see below:

Northbound Car:

  • Kite – Pack all sizes you might need. Bring extras in case you underestimate.
  • Pump – Don’t forget your pump and extra adapters in case your friend needs one.
  • Impact Vest – Handy for reducing impact during jumps and hard landings.
  • Helmet – Safety first! Protect your head during extreme water sport adventures.
  • Kite board – Obvious, but worth double-checking. It happens!
  • Smart Watch – if you have one, make sure to bring it so you can track your journey!
  • Kite bar – Bring a spare if you have one.
  • GoPro – Capture your epic journey with an action cam!
  • Booties – If you’re a beginner, protect your feet during potential kite-mares and rescues. Our Strong Kiteboarding instructors have you covered.

Southbound Car:

  • Change of Clothes – After the Down-winder, enjoy ‘the hang’ with cold margaritas. Leave a change of clothes in the car on the SOUTH beach for comfort.
  • Money – Pack 400 pesos in your dry clothes for those well-deserved margaritas!
  • Keys to the Southern Parked Car – Don’t forget to hide the key or wear it during your kite session. Plan ahead to avoid FOB mishaps!

Talk with your Friend Before Departing

Choose a Destination

Before you both enter the water, and before you launch your kites, its useful to discuss the plan. Agree on where you will both land, so that if you get separated you both end up on the same beach!  Nothing worse than landing at Playa Central, only to realize later that your friend is waiting for you at Chil-o-chill!

Take a Picture before you launch / Land

Hey these are epic memories we are forging!  Take that epic group picture before and and after the down winder for posterity!

Start your smart Watches

Don’t forget to start your smart watch so you can track your journey!

Launch and Land Each Others Kite

One of the benefits of doing a down winder with a buddy, is you have a trusted friend to launch or land you!

Keep an Eye on Each other

The best Down-winder buddy is one that doesn’t stray to far. Accidents can happen, and even the most experienced kiter can become separated from his or her board. There is nothing better when you feel all is lost when suddenly you see your trusty down winders kite in view coming to your rescue.  On the other hand, its a bit sad when you are out there by yourself, and you can see in the very far distance your buddy has no clue of your tribulations.  Its best therefore to be no more than 300 meters from your friend.  It also makes the journey more fun – especially if you get a few woots are wails when you make that epic jump or have them witness that sick trick!  Even better if you both managed to do the high five without killing each other.

Doing a Downwinder Solo

Sometimes we just don’t have the time to organize with a friend so opt to go solo.  Though it is not recommended, you can certainly brave the water on your own. When you get to your destination, you will need to pack up your gear and hitch hike back to your starting point, or simply walk back!  Since we live in a small town, it usually doesn’t take long to get a ride.

Have a good Down Winder!

Well, we at StrongKiteboarding.com hope you have an epic Down-winder! Make some awesome memories!  Doing a Down-winder in La Ventana is a memory you will not forget easily. It is a great way to bond with your best amigos.  If you need lessons to get your skills ready so you can partake in this awesome adventure, make sure to contact us so we can help you with the essential skills needed!

Take care – we love you guys!





Paul Preibisch (3)

Hi everyone, my name is Paul. I am a resident of El Sargento. I have been enjoying kiteboarding in La Ventana for over 5 years now. I am currently administrating the StrongKiteboarding.com website. I am happy to be working with Jill and Marty on their website. I also have been teaching Salsa at different venues in the Baja, including La Tuna Restaurant, and Playa Central in La Ventana. You can find more information on my website at https://bajaentertainment.com