Come learn with us!

All welcome!

All age, size and abilities welcome! You do not need to be in great shape or have any previous experience. We teach you 1-on-1 to help you progress independently.

1-day Boat Assisted Private Lesson 
Have you taken lessons somewhere else, but need a refresher? Or want a taster of what the sport is all about?

2-day Boat Assisted Private Lesson 
We spend the first ½ day as a group learning the foundations of kiteboarding: the weather, kite theory & gear, and safety (see below for more details). From there, we tailor the water based 1-on-1 lessons to your learning style and ability. By the end of the 2-days we aim to have you up and riding.

MOST POPULAR!! 3-day Boat Assisted Private Lesson
This is the best value and most recommended way to learn. 
Run through the above 2-day private lesson, choose to do your 3rd day either consecutively or at a completely separate time. This option helps you stay committed, build confidence and lock down what you’ve already learned. At the end of these three days you will be well on your way to independent rider.

Boat Assisted Downwinder 
There comes a time when learning to kite no longer need an instructor. Like anything in life, there is a lot to say about practice and time put in, which cannot be taught. Once your instructor has approved your skill level, we will gladly send you out to practice on your own. while the instructor keeps a close eye on you as you make your way down the lake. Once you get close to the basin/bottom of the lake, we will do a boat pick up and bring you back upwind. This is a great way to try out your new gear. * Must have taken at least a 1-day lesson to use our gear.

Group Lesson
We recommend Private Lesson if riding ‘soon’ is your goal. We do offer group lesson if you and a few friends would like to give kiting a try.

Advanced Lessons
Can’t quite stick your back roll?
Trying to get your turns and transitions?
Want more hang time?
Trouble riding strapless?
Looking to stomp that big kiteloop?