The more you know, the faster you’ll progress.

Swimming is the only prerequisite. You do not have to have an athletic background to take lessons. All shapes, sizes and ability levels welcome! Come learn with us.

No, you do not! Because you are harnessed in at your waist, you are not required to ‘hold on’ as if you were waterskiing or wakeboarding. There is not much strain on the body at all.

No! Similar to skiing or snowboarding, you can pick your speed, equipment and conditions to suit your ability level and interests. You can choose to ride at times where the wind is strong or at times when you need a slower moving kite. We regularily teach kids as young as 14 up to adults in their 70’s. Our teaching technique is gradual and you learn at your own pace.

Yes, the initial investment is worth it. Taking lessons (not from your friend who kites) with a professionally trained instructor with a watercraft just for you is by far the fastest and safest way to learn. We strongly believe in individualized learning and with a private instructor, you are getting great value. The initial investment is worth it, once your an independent rider remember wind is free there is no lift ticket or gas required.

You can answer the following comparable questions to see how you feel about kiteboarding lessons. Would you buy a hang glider and jump off a cliff on your own? Would you learn to scuba dive on your own?

During lessons you will have a personal water craft and highly trained instructor watching you at all times. We teach at Nitinat Lake because it is the safest place to teach on Vancouver Island. The wind is consistent and predictable. The lake and wind direction make a safe basin at the end of the lake (downwind) to catch you.

We set up the weekend so that there is time to socialize with your friends. In general you receive 3 runs/day. This is enough to tire you out!! We set up the day in a way that helps your body and mind recover. When not on the water, you can hang out of the beach with your group on the beach or head back to your campsite for some rest and relaxation. If you do however prefer a group lesson, contact us and we can accommodate you.

It’s warmer than the ocean because the salt water blends with fresh water from the river. It is considered a tidal lake.