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Nitinat Lake Kiteboarding LessonsFounded by Dwayne Strong, long before there was a demand, mostly to fill the need of those ‘wild-ones’ pioneering the sport on the West Coast. Riding since 1999 and established in 2004, Strong Kiteboarding has instructed lessons, helping to grow the sport. In recent years, kiteboarding has become accessible to many, receiving recognition from various diverse communities.

Our lessons at Strong Kiteboarding are a testament to the years growing the sport and of course what the wind has taught us.

Our reputation has been built on the outstanding amount of students we develop into to independent riders.

We are taking bookings for the season!
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Our IKO certified instructors at Strong Kiteboarding will get you riding quickly and safely! We offer 1 on 1 private watercraft assisted lessons for the most comfortable and effective learning experience. Whether it is your first time flying a kite, you are trying to stay upwind, or you are looking for some help stomping that new move, our instructors can help you reach your goal!
With Go-Pro review we can watch and correct the mistakes you make as you learn. You can also take the video home to review on your own and show your friends!