We are a certified IKO school, we offer 1-on-1 private watercraft assisted lessons for the most comfortable and effective learning experience. Located at Nitinat Lake, the conditions are optimal for learning.

1-on-1 Private Lessons

With our valued 1-on-1 instruction your instructor spends a great amount of time with only you! This style of lesson, is hard to find, making our student/instructor hourly rate unbeatable on Vancouver Island.


Once in the water, whether you are launching, body dragging or riding, all students are followed closely by their private watercraft.


Our reputation has been built on our values, to teach each student independently giving you the opportunity to learn at their own pace. We have no reservations in helping you learn quickly!! Let’s get you riding.


Nitinat Lake offers some of the steadiest thermal winds you can find. From June to September the wind is very reliable and mostly blows between 15 to 25 knots. Perfect for learning to kiteboard.

About US


Founded by Dwayne Strong, long before there was a demand, mostly to fill the need of those ‘wild-ones’ pioneering the sport on the West Coast. Riding since 1999 and established in 2004, Strong Kiteboarding has instructed lessons, helping to grow the sport. In recent years, kiteboarding has become accessible to many, receiving recognition from various diverse communities. Our lessons at Strong Kiteboarding are a testament to the years growing the sport and of course what the wind has taught us. Our reputation has been built on the outstanding amount of students we develop into to independent riders.


All our instructors are IKO certified and company insured.
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Marty Dovick

School Manager, Instructor
Marty has been teaching worldwide for the last 4 years. With kiting experience all over the north & south Pacific, the Carribean and the Sea of Cortez he has built a great skill set that helps to get students up and riding fast.
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dwayne strong

Founder, Instructor
Born and raised here on the fishing boats of Vancouver Island. He founded Strong Kiteboarding in 2005. His travels took him to Australia yearly where he enjoyed kitesurfing.
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Roberto Molina

Roberto moved to Canada ifrom Ecuador in 2011. He has taught in Mexico, Ecuador, the Maritimes, and now here in BC. We’re very happy to have Roberto part of our team this year at Nitinat.
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Graham Harney

Representing the young blood of the sport, Graham is a past student of Marty’s, and the newest member of our team. With international sailing experience and a great attitude what Graham lacks in experience he makes up for with stoke!